JIOS Aerogel Expands Innovation Program at State-of-the-Art Battery Testing Laboratory in Singapore

With the testing-laboratory innovation program in Singapore, JIOS Aerogel can create more efficient, cutting-edge, high-performance solutions for EV battery makers

SINGAPORE, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- JIOS Aerogel, an innovator in critical components for Li-ion battery systems - the world's primary energy storage medium, today announced the expansion of its innovation program with partner VDE Renewables' State-of-the-Art Battery Testing Laboratory in Singapore. JIOS strongly believes in the value of leveraging world-class third-party laboratories such as VDE's to provide confidence to its customers and complement its extensive internal capabilities.

With innovation at the core of its ethos, JIOS Aerogel is constantly testing new solutions on a weekly basis with multiple types of Li-ion battery cells for their customers' needs ranging from electric vehicles to energy storage systems. This is where the all-new testing laboratory in Singapore will come into play.

Leveraging Singapore as an innovation hub

A global leader in innovation and an emerging hub for cutting-edge technology, Singapore was a natural choice for JIOS Aerogel's battery testing laboratory. As per a 2021 KPMG report, Singapore is at the number one position as a tech innovation hub leaving behind cities like New York City, Beijing and London for the second year running.

JIOS Aerogel can leverage the robust digital infrastructure and the thriving innovation ecosystem of the city-state for testing and developing cutting-edge solutions for the Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage Systems sectors.

"We are excited about ongoing developments at our innovative testing lab in Singapore. The VDE testing laboratory allows us to do multiple things- from testing our thermal barrier materials that are placed between battery cells to testing multiple configurations of cells. For example, sometimes we test 2 cells, and other times a whole set of 8 cells together. This will further our stride for innovation," shared Marketing and Program Director, Dr. Stephen Hodson.

The VDE laboratory also allows JIOS Aerogel to test battery temperatures and battery voltage under various conditions as well as compare their ultra-thin solutions that can vary anywhere from 1.0 – 4.0 mm thickness. This will allow JIOS Aerogel to meet the demands of battery makers who are increasingly looking to have the thinnest possible, higher-performance solutions.

About JIOS Aerogel

JIOS Aerogel is the world's leading manufacturer of silica aerogel powder. JIOS has dramatically lowered the cost of aerogel production through a patent-protected manufacturing process, making this advanced, multi-functional material available for a myriad of industries and applications.

JIOS has already established a Joint-Venture with Armacell to produce Armagel aerogel blankets used to provide insulation in the industrial and oil and gas sectors.

The company also provides aerogel powder to supercharge gypsum boards, achieves an A60 rating for insulation coating used on ships, improves thermal and fire performance of EV battery cells, and even makes synthetic down insulation perform just like natural down.

More information can be found on the JIOS Aerogel website: