Leading Electric Vehicle Market, GWM ORA Officially Unveiled at the EVS35 in Norway

BAODING, China, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 11, GWM ORA was unveiled at the 35th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS35) in Norway, attracting many local users' attention.

Leading Electric Vehicle Market, GWM ORA Officially Unveiled at the EVS35 in Norway
Leading Electric Vehicle Market, GWM ORA Officially Unveiled at the EVS35 in Norway

EVS35 is the most influential and long-history event in the electric vehicle industry in the world. ORA, as the GWM's new pure electric vehicle brand, brings a more stylish, smarter and safer travel and life experience to consumers at the exhibition.

To give consumers a better experience of the brand, the GWM ORA APP has invited local users to participate in the ORA Team Meeting. Users also shared their driving test experiences in ORA APP.

Also, ORA FUNKY CAT, the star model of the ORA brand, has been shown at the exhibition to the audience. The exterior appearance and interior of the car directly show the trendy style and smart design of the brand.

The outline of ORA FUNKY CAT looks classic and exquisite. It adopts several unique designs including a smooth car body curve, cat-eye-shaped oval headlights and double-colored exterior. These details make the model quite cute, like a lively and lovely cat.

About the car's interior, ORA FUNKY CAT adds many design details with a sense of technology. The dashboard and central console screen can be controlled and interacted with by users through touch, voice and multi-function steering wheel. These functions can help drivers to acquire real-time information on vehicles, offering them a smarter and safer driving experience.

Based on such a unique concept and outstanding design of GWM ORA, the products of this brand have received many positive comments from media.

"This new electric vehicle from China will be a game-changer," commented PARKERS, a British automotive website.

"ORA FUNKY CAT provides a relatively large space and has state-of-the-art safety technology and an infotainment system, making it a well-equipped electric vehicle," commented AUTO MOTOR SPORT, a leading German car magazine. 

To meet the diversified needs of buyers for electric vehicles, GWM ORA has continued to expand its global market layout.

In September last year, the brand took the lead through launching in Germany and releasing its European market strategies in IAA Mobility 2021. GWM ORA plans to provide a variety of new energy intelligent vehicles to European users to increase its impact on the European market.

This year, GWM ORA will not only launch ORA FUNKY CAT in the UK but will also further enrich its product categories in the European market to offer more users a diversified travel experience.