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Promoting Keelung's Features of Mountain and Sea by Recording the Beauty of the Port City

KEELUNG CITY, Taiwan, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In September last year, the Tourism Bureau, MOTC started a new trend of tourism that is different from brick-and-mortar exhibitions by establishing an online tourism platform — "Time for Taiwan - Virtual Exhibition" which allows people to know better about beautiful landscapes without any restriction, tourism attractions and accommodation in Taiwan within a short time. The latest Keelung tourism information is provided on the platform. In addition, to promote the city internationally, videos based on the features of different countries are presented, so that domestic and international tourists can visit Keelung at home without constraints.

An image of Japan-themed video on Time for Taiwan - Virtual Exhibition - Keelung Hall

The video "Japan's Regions - Souvenirs to Buy" is for the audience in Japan. In the video, popular souvenirs from Keelung are introduced, such as traditional cake and pastry like taro balls that are silky but not sticky, pineapple cakes that aren't too sweet, and King shortbread with rich taste. You can feel the amazing techniques of these century-old stores with one bite. In addition, as a port city, Keelung is famous for its fresh seafood souvenirs, such as jerky with flying fish roe (tobiko), and seafood instant noodles with an entire piece of fish. Each souvenir is enriched with Keelung's culture. For more information on featured souvenirs, please watch "Japan's Regions - Souvenirs to Buy."

Tseng Tzu-Wen, Director-General of Taiwan's Keelung Department of Tourism and City Marketing, said that Keelung has many new and popular check-in attractions highly recommended for friends from Japan, such as Rainbow Houses at Zhengbin Fishing Port that is nicknamed as Taiwan's Venice, Bleu Book Store, known as the most beautiful bookstore near the coast in Taiwan, and the sightseeing bridge at Wanghaixiang Fishing Harbor, where visitors can take a walk by the sea. Welcome to explore this surprising city Keelung through Time for Taiwan - Virtual Exhibition in the post-pandemic era. Apart from the platform, visitors can also visit "Keelung Travel" for more tourism information.

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