Hyun-Joon Cho, Chairman of Hyosung, Active in ESG Management

SEOUL, South Korea, June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyun-Joon Cho, the Chairman of Hyosung, is in acceleration in ESG management. Chairman Cho, who stresses "Customer Obsession Management" this year, is actively developing eco-friendly businesses and activities for the customers who ask companies for high-leveled environmental awareness and responsibilities.

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'RE:GEN,' New ESG Brand of Hyosung

Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho is increasing investment in eco-friendly products and technology development by presenting 'RE:GEN', as the ESG brand of Hyosung, from 2023, expanding its eco-friendly businesses.

RE:GEN means the response to the future of all generations. It is a brand to represent constantly innovating and endeavoring ESG Management activities to respond to sustainability requested by the present and future generations.

It is divided into five themes total: ∆RECYCLE ∆UPCYCLE that the abandoned materials, such as plastics, will be reborn as a product by recycling them; ∆SAVE to develop the technologies for saving resource use; ∆ZERO to minimize the generation of carbon; and ∆NEW ENERGY to develop renewable energy, such as hydrogen.

Wide range of Eco-friendly Businesses, such as Textile, Plastics, Hydrogen

At present, Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho leads the eco-friendly businesses of Hyosung in front. He overall manages eco-friendly businesses in which Hyosung is a frontrunner, such as 'Regen,' a textile made by recycling pet bottles, first developed in Korea; 'Polyketone,' eco-friendly engineering plastics, first successful in commercialization in the world; and 750kW level wind turbines, which was first developed in Korea.

In addition, existing products are being improved to be eco-friendly. These include developing the bio-spandex to create corn-extract by combining eco-friendly technologies with the spandex, a global No.1 market shareholder. The sustainable future is explored in the existing businesses.