Hoymiles Wi-Fi integrated microinverters are set to make small home solar more cost-effective

HANGZHOU, China, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- World-leading smart solar supplier and microinverter manufacturer Hoymiles has launched its latest HMS-2000DW microinverter series, designed to accommodate high-powered PV modules, with full Wi-Fi integration. Optimized for small home solar setups, these new microinverters promise lower running costs and more efficient use of photovoltaic (PV) resources than alternative devices.

HMS-2000DW English version


Hoymiles Wi-Fi integrated HMS-2000DW microinverter series – now available in Brazil and Asia-Pacific (APAC)

Hoymiles is delighted to introduce this new generation of microinverters to the Brazil and APAC markets, with other regions set to be added in the near future.

Why has Hoymiles launched Wi-Fi integrated microinverters?

Traditional microinverter setups rely on a communication gateway (it is data transfer unit, or DTU in Hoymiles product portfolio) to transmit solar measurements to a monitoring system. Gateways are typically designed for setups with multiple microinverters (10 or more microinverters depending on installation conditions), so for smaller solar setups with just a handful of microinverters the use of a gateway may not seem to be a cost-effective choice.

Hoymiles' new Wi-Fi integrated models connect directly to an internet router to transmit key performance data. Not only is this a much more cost-effective approach for smaller solar systems, but it also significantly simplifies installation. Communication gateways need to be installed indoors after the main solar installation is completed, but with Wi-Fi integrated microinverters, everything is done on rooftops.

Key technical features of Hoymiles' Wi-Fi integrated microinverters

●  Three output power specifications:

○  HMS-1600DW-4T; with a maximum continuous output power of 1,600 VA

○  HMS-1800DW-4T; with a maximum continuous output power of 1,800 VA

○  HMS-2000DW-4T; with a maximum continuous output power of 2,000 VA

●  A maximum DC input current of 14, 15 and 16 A

●  Compatibility with 182 mm/210 mm PV modules

●  A CEC peak efficiency of up to 96.7%, optimizing the use of solar and DC to AC conversion

What makes Hoymiles' Wi-Fi integrated microinverters special?

Hoymiles Wi-Fi integrated microinverters feature an industrial-grade Wi-Fi module, offering exceptional reliability and a stronger connection. The module endures temperatures of up to 105°C, way higher than the highest internal temperature of microinverters when they are working. With a waterproof rating of IP67 (NEMA 6), the microinverters are well-suited for outdoor use, and come with a pre-attached antenna that reduces the risk of water damage.

Equally, Hoymiles' new product range is built to withstand a wide range of ambient temperatures, from -40°C to +65°C. With outstanding module-level MPPT, they can adapt to variable conditions, making sure every panel in the solar array is performing at its best, increasing the power yield and reducing the time it takes to recoup costs.

Hoymiles Wi-Fi integrated microinverters also feature rapid shutdown compliance and a galvanically isolated transformer, making them safer when used in rooftop solar installations, and their innovative 4-in-1 design reduces installation time and lowers running costs.

With Hoymiles' own S-Miles Cloud smart platform, monitoring and maintaining the performance of a solar array has never been easier.

Hoymiles' future: Greater product segmentation, tailored to customer needs

"On the one hand, Hoymiles is committed to optimizing product performance by pursuing the 'three highs and one low', namely high conversion efficiency, high power density and low costs," explained Hoymiles CEO Dr. Yang Bo in talking about the company's "two-pronged" approach in product and technology development. "On the other hand, we are serving the global market, so we are also creating products tailored to local customers' needs. For example, in some markets like Brazil, small home solar systems are popular and users are more concerned about cost-effectiveness, which is why we decided to develop the Wi-Fi integrated microinverter in the first place."

In this way, Hoymiles is in relentless pursuit of not only creating the best microinverters in the world but also serving the direct needs of its customers.

CONTACT: Joseph Pan, joseph.pan@hoymiles.com