Cyware and Bangkok MSP Join Hands to Offer Advanced MSSP Cyber Fusion and SOC Automation Services

Cyware's cyber fusion center platform will enable Bangkok MSP to provide advanced cyber fusion services to enhance customers' SOC operations, including orchestrated threat response, cyber fusion-as-a-service, threat intelligence operationalization, and collective defense.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cyware, the industry's leading provider of technology platform to build Cyber Fusion Centers for Enterprises and MSSPs/MDRs and threat intelligence sharing for ISACs, ISAOs, CERTs, and others is announcing a partnership with Bangkok MSP, the leading cybersecurity solutions and service provider in Thailand for building Thailand's first Cyber Fusion Center for MSSPs. Bangkok MSP is the latest addition to the bevy of solution providers, managed security service providers (MSSPs), and systems integrators in the Cyware Technology Partner Program, helping customers accelerate security operations and minimize risk.

The partnership will enable Bangkok MSP to roll out Cyware Cyber Fusion as a service (CFCaaS) to complement SIEM, TIP, and other security tools to enable the transformation of traditional SOCs into advanced Cyber Fusion Centers. Cyware's MSSP Cyber Fusion and MSSP Collective Defense solutions will enable Bangkok MSP to deliver advanced managed security services for its customers to achieve greater threat visibility through threat intelligence analysis and sharing, as well as push the boundaries of threat response collaboration. Bangkok MSP will leverage Cyware's cyber fusion center technology platform to deliver bespoke security services that involve real-time contextual alerting, vendor-agnostic SOAR orchestration, and end-to-end threat management connecting cloud and on-premise environments.

"Cybersecurity challenges for organizations across all industry sectors are growing every day. Along with a dearth of skilled professionals, the growing risks have created a quagmire for security teams," said Gary C Tate, Vice President for the Asia Pacific and Japan region at Cyware. "Together, Bangkok MSP and Cyware will bring advanced threat intelligence operationalization and threat analysis capabilities to enterprises and government entities in Thailand. Cyware's next-gen cyber fusion solutions, along with the reach and expertise of Bangkok MSP, will help integrate security operations, drive security processes through threat intelligence, automation, and open avenues for collaboration in threat response."

"Our partnership with Cyware will enable local ISP and SOC providers to deliver fully automated, next-level threat incident reporting and response solutions in seconds instead of hours or days.  The partnership will dawn a new age of cybersecurity for Thailand that comes at a time when the government is also making concerted efforts towards creating more cyber security experts to meet the market demand." said Kris Nawani, Co-Founder and Director - Bangkok MSP Company Limited."

Through this alliance with Cyware, Bangkok MSP will be equipped to provide its customers in Thailand with a range of advanced managed security services, including:

  • Cyber Fusion-as-a-Service
  • Threat Intelligence Platform-as-a-Service
  • Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service
  • Threat Hunting Services

As cyberattacks are becoming more and more of a real possibility for organizations, security teams are being overwhelmed by the number of alerts that they need to investigate, contain, and respond daily. Cyware's cyber fusion center with Bangkok MSP will provide customers in Thailand with a ready-to-go solution to gain comprehensive visibility and security orchestration capabilities with best-in-class threat intelligence to address known and unknown threats. In addition to this, customers will also benefit from the automated playbook-driven incident response functionality to have 24x7 cybersecurity support.

About Cyware

Cyware helps enterprise cybersecurity teams build platform-agnostic cyber fusion centers by delivering cyber threat intelligence and next-generation SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) solutions. As a result, organizations can increase speed and accuracy while reducing costs and analyst burnout. Cyware's Cyber Fusion solutions make secure collaboration, information sharing, and enhanced threat visibility a reality for MSSPs, enterprises, government agencies, and sharing communities (ISAC/ISAO/CERTs and others) of all sizes and needs.     

About Bangkok MSP

Bangkok MSP is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) based in Bangkok, Thailand, with a vision to bridge security gaps by offering advanced security solutions to customers without having to hire a full security team, as well as offloading specialized tasks from an organization's IT Team. Bangkok MSP meets the security needs of its customers through a number of services, including Authentication-as-a-Service, Backup/Recovery-as-a-Service, and Cyber Range Training-as-a-Service, among others. For more information, visit    

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