BRANDSTARS “2022 Korea Luxury Brand ” Announcement

SEOUL, South Korea, July 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Brand Stars Selection Committee announced the final selection of "2022 Korea Luxury Brand". 
The most popular brands for Asian consumers will be selected first and announced simultaneously in Korea, China, and Asia.

The final industry brand selected was Car_'Genesis', Smartphone_Samsung Electronics 'Galaxy Fold 3', TV_LG Electronics OLED TV, Refrigerator_LG Electronics 'Dios', Shopping_' Shilla Duty Free', Boiler_Kyungdong Navien, Healthy Food_'Jeonggwanjang', Ramen_'Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen', ready-to-eat food_CJ Bibigo.

K-Beauty Part, AmorePacific 'Sulhwasoo, Laneige', LG Household & Health Care ' whoo, sum37', Beauty Device 'Glampalm', Dermocosmetic 'SkinMD Laboratories', Cosmeceutical  'Miracletox, Cellstory', Naturalistic cosmetics 'Accoje' was selected

In K-Fashion, Sports fashion 'NOS7', Bag category 'MCM', Women's Clothing 'Wooyoungmi', sunglasses_ 'Gentle Monster'  were selected.

Auto Door Lock_'Baba,Bangtan' and, Pillow_ 'Cottonshower' were selected as brands for SMEs that were recognized for their patented technology.

An official from the Brandstars Selection Committee said, "It is a professional institution consisting of Korean and Chinese Asian media and industry members that continuously studies brand evaluation, consulting, and research, and contributes to the value consumption of domestic and foreign consumers who love Korean brands."