With Powerful Sports Performance, GWM HAVAL H6 GT Starts to Go Global

BAODING, China, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 16, GWM HAVAL H6 GT made its debut in Red Bull Quicksand in South Africa, attracting wide attention.

With Powerful Sports Performance, GWM HAVAL H6 GT Starts to Go Global
With Powerful Sports Performance, GWM HAVAL H6 GT Starts to Go Global

As the official automotive sponsor of the event, GWM showed HAVAL H6 GT to the audience. The Red Bull Quicksand is known as one of the world's most difficult "1-mile" races and thus is extremely challenging. The characteristics of the event perfectly fit the powerful sports performance of HAVAL H6 GT.

To make local customers learn more about HAVAL H6 GT, GWM established a VIP Experience Area, attracting a large audience to experience the car. At the event site, GWM also conducted a questionnaire survey. During the event, many audience expressed their love and expectation for HAVAL H6 GT. At the same time, a lot of audience also asked about the launch date of this model.

HAVAL H6 GT is a brand-new Coupe SUV based on the GWM L.E.M.O.N. platform. The sports performance of the model lies in stylish design, outstanding power system, personalized driving experience and other aspects.

The appearance of HAVAL H6 GT on display is inspired by sharks, creating a strong sense of sports. This vehicle adopts a shark-based bionic aesthetic design. Its front face is designed with shark pectoral fin as the theme, with a large shark teeth-based air intake grille, creating a powerful visual impact like a shark. The car also has a streamlined roof and fastback style body, with smooth and elegant lines, which looks very powerful, just like the vigorous posture of a shark.

The interior design of HAVAL H6 GT combines sporty performance and sense of technology. The vehicle integrates many fashionable and smart details, such as shift knob, multifunctional steering wheel with paddle shifters and digital screen. These distinctive details can satisfy users' pursuit of intelligent cars, and create a dynamic interior atmosphere for them.

Excellent power system and driving pleasure are also the most eye-catching features of HAVAL H6 GT. In order to meet the requirements of users under different driving conditions, it is equipped with an upgraded 4N20 2.0T engine. The maximum torque of the engine can reach 320N·m, providing users with strong acceleration performance. Based on the driving habits of different users, the car also provides a track mode. When the mode is activated, the vehicle can not only provide drivers with more power, but also burst out exhaust sound wave like a sports car. This kind of feature can make them enjoy the pleasure, just like driving a racing car.

HAVAL H6 GT is now launched in the markets of Iraq and Australia. GWM plans to officially launch it in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Chile and other markets in the following months to provide a diversified experience for more users.