Rona Therapeutics Announces Exclusive Licensing Transaction from Sanofi for its Broad siRNA Therapeutic Portfolio and Technology Platform

  • Rona to advance worldwide development of Sanofi siRNA portfolio targeting liver and other tissues
  • Rona licensed Sanofi's siRNA platform to enable discovery programs in expanded therapeutic areas including neuro and muscular diseases, for which Sanofi has an exclusive option to acquire neuro and muscular disease candidates for ex-China territories.

SHANGHAI, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Rona Therapeutics, Inc ("Rona"), a fully integrated platform company dedicated to the discovery, development and manufacturing of RNA therapeutics, today announced that it has obtained worldwide exclusive rights to Sanofi's siRNA platform of chemical modification and delivery moiety as well as rights to four pre-clinical candidates for undisclosed targets. These rights will enable Rona to significantly expand and accelerate Rona's siRNA portfolio in both liver and non-liver applications. The technology platform is a strategic fit for Rona in establishing industry-leading oligonucleotide modification, delivery and RNA biology expertise across a rapidly growing pipeline. In addition, Sanofi receives an exclusive option for selected neuro and muscular candidates discovered using the siRNA platform for territories outside of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao (collectively "Greater China").

Under the deal, Rona also acquired rights to further develop, manufacture and commercialize candidates from four liver-targeting preclinical programs. Based on novel nucleotide analogs and conjugation moiety, the siRNA platform has demonstrated enhanced stability and in vivo duration of action as well as potential for therapeutic silencing of target genes in various tissue types. "Rona plans to quickly advance the development of these programs in metabolic, neurological and ocular diseases to unlock the potential of siRNA therapeutics," said Stella Shi, Chief Executive Officer of Rona Therapeutics, "We are excited to acquire these rights from Sanofi to bring transformative RNA medicines to patients worldwide".

Under the terms of the agreement, Rona Therapeutics will make an upfront payment to Sanofi, in addition to development and commercial milestones, as well as royalties on net sales of products. 

About Rona Therapeutics

Rona Therapeutics is a pioneering RNA therapeutics platform company dedicated to discovery and development of modular and programmable RNA medicines to deliver to patients around the world. The company is founded by industry veteran with deep expertise in RNA therapeutics program execution and world leading scientific advisors with rigorous biology understanding in the RNA space. For more information on Rona Therapeutics, visit